Pet Transportation

We’re committed to providing exceptional Pet Transport service at Level Up Limo. We recognize that your pets are family members and that it is vital to ensure their well-being when traveling. For this reason, we’re happy to provide our unique Car Service for Pets in Chicago, which guarantees worry-free and joyful travel for you and your cherished animal friends. 

We provide SUV pet transportation for your beloved pets, so you can relax knowing that your closest pals will receive VIP treatment. All pets need to be kept in securely locked crates or kennels that are kept in the trunk of our spacious SUVs. We will add some fees per vehicle for cleaning and odor removal to our regular SUV prices. We sincerely regret it, but owing to the rich leather interior and the possibility that another passenger may be riding in the same vehicle after yours, pets are not permitted in the sitting areas of our cars.

Pet-Friendly Environment: Your pets will feel safe in our well-equipped cars despite being in the trunk area of our vehicles. Thanks to amenities like climate control, your furry pals will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for the trip. 

Tailored Travel Experience: Our pet-friendly vehicle service meets all your pet’s transportation needs so that they may travel comfortably and enjoy a grooming appointment, a trip to the vet, or just a leisurely stroll through the city.

Pet Transportation Services We Provide

Veterinary Appointments

Let us ease your burden and take care of your pet’s travel arrangements. With our assistance, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your pet’s travel needs are in safe and reliable hands.

Grooming and Spa Days

Getting there can be a hassle if you want to take your furry friends to the grooming or spa center. Our transportation service is designed specifically for pets so they can feel relaxed and happy when they arrive. You can count on us to make your pet’s travel stress-free so they can enjoy their pampering session.

Pet-Friendly Activities

Take your animal companions on enjoyable excursions throughout Chicago. Our pet-friendly cars offer a cozy and secure setting for sightseeing or relaxed travels.

Pet Transfers to the Airport

Are you taking your pet with you on a trip? Do you want a pet-friendly airport transfer that is smooth and easy? Look no further! We know you love your furry friend, and we provide stress-free airport transfers that cater to your pet’s needs. Enjoy a comfortable journey together with your pet without any hassle.

Make a booking now to give your pets a relaxing and stress-free travel. Get in touch with us right now to ensure Level Up Limo transports your pets safely as well. 

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